Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Maple Farm in Ontario

Maple, the symbol of Canada. Horton Farm, located at the north of Toronto. (31st March)

Canada produces most of the world's maple products. With that, Quebec manufactures most of it, while Ontario produces a more modest amount.

The forest in the early spring.

The sugar maple, one of the few trees that secrete their sap out. It is only in early spring that the sap start to flow out from the trunk. It requires freezing temperatures at night, and above freezing temperatures during the day to produce a pressure within the trunk, that allows the flow of the tree sap. Why most trees, but the maple donate their precious sap, is still an unknown mystery.

The natives shared the secret of the sugar maple with the early European settlers. They were an important form of energy, especially during the winter months, in this part of the world, during that period of time.

The sap that flows out is a clear, slightly sweet liquid.

It requires heating for hours, to vaporise the water.

It requires a lot of effort, energy to produce the maple sugar. Thus explaining the high cost of the maple syrup. The maple sugar, where water is completely removed, is 10 times more expensive than sugar from cane. However, people are willing to pay much for maple sugar due to its distinctive smoky flavour as well as it is the healthier form of sugar, with its health benefits, almost akin to honey.

The beautiful forest, beside the maple farm.

The great view from the Inuit Art Museum, almost like a first rated home with a forest view.



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