Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Foreign Journey: Ottawa 2

The bridge linking Ontario and into Quebec, the French Province.Ottawa, Quebec, in sight.

Once reaching Quebec, all signs change from English into French.

In the Museum of Civilization, where they showcase the history and transformation of Canada through the centuries, including the Canadian identity. Probably hockey and skating defines some part of the Canadian identity.

A church in Ottawa.

The Ottawa River.

The same Ottawa River, on the very next day, exact spot, yet within a day, the view changes quite drastically.

The streets of the beautiful city of Ottawa.

It means, 'I will remember', the phrase inscribed on all cars in Quebec, probably for Quebecquois, is to remember their history, but for travelers, it also means remembering how beautiful this land is.



Anonymous dev! said...

what happened to the houses on the left of the ottawa river???

3/5/07 14:23  
Anonymous balex said...

very funny

3/5/07 14:25  

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