Saturday, April 28, 2007

Foreign Journey: Ottawa

On 17th March, with a 5 hour bus ride on Greyhound costing CAD85, a visit to the capital of Canada becomes possible.

The entertainment district, with restaurants and shops, of Ottawa, one of the most beautiful capital cities of the world.

It is the city where important decisions for the whole of Canada are being made in the Parliament House.

Canada, one of the most liberal country, one of the most democratic country. All politicians and workers in the Parliament House have to bilingual. In fact, most people in Ottawa speak French, and there are many signs with French, bringing back memories of beloved Quebec.

Portrait of one of the ex-Canadian Prime Minister.

Taking a free guided tour around the Parliament House, a brief Canadian history and government system is being introduced. The grandeur of the Parliament House reflects a large degree of solemness as it was built while Canada was engaging with the World War II.
Not just a simple place to house politicians, it is a place filled with art, to inspire, to reflect.
The library, with several storeys, with hundred of rows of books, is not a normal library, but a grand library for the research of a handful of privileged. A brighter part of the building, as it is built after the war period.

A poem, reflection of the war.

From the top of the Parliament House, the view of the Ottawa can be seen.

The beautiful French province of Quebec can be seen across the river.
Bridge linking Ontario to Quebec. It may be of a different province, but that area is still under the same city, Ottawa.

Parliament House hill in winter Ottawa, from afar.



Anonymous balex said...

Memo pad: It was in mid Mar, where fishing huts stationed on lakes, were ordered to leave or face a hefty fine.
6th Mar, dropped to around -20C.
26th Mar, reached a high of almost 20C.
And 21st Mar is the official entry into spring. Official entry does not mean the weather agrees with it. It snowed on 5th Apr, and through the weekend, of about -5C. A high of low 20sC on 20th Apr and through the weekend.

28/4/07 14:30  

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