Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is life 25: Of foreign journey

A journey to the final destination, 2 transits, 25 hours.
A transit at Hong Kong airport and through tight security checks.

The second stop, at Chicago's O'Hare.

On the airport's train shuttle, cruising pass symbols of freedom.

The destination of Pearson airport, poorly lit, rough cement roads, and expensive.

From Toronto's Pearson international airport, visitors will be able to take a choice of transport to the city area. It will be around Can$50 for a taxi for just a 40 min ride. Even the airport shuttle bus, which is considerably cheaper, cost a whopping Can$15 for it. It will be a great introductory idea of how much the city or country can cost visitors, especially for Singaporeans. The contrast between the route to the city area between Toronto and Singapore is really great. Full of flowers and greens in the case for Singapore, and full of factories and grey buildings for the case of Toronto. A foreign land, a foreign people.


Anonymous don don said...

Hi Alex how are you? Greetings from Melbourne!!!

25/1/07 09:40  
Anonymous steven said...

greetings from stinkapore~

25/1/07 11:47  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Greeting from winter snowy land. More mugged than NUS, can you believe it? I still cant.

26/1/07 08:36  

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