Monday, January 29, 2007

This is life 27: Of foreign streets, Little Italy and Queen Street

Toronto is really a city of great diversity. While Singapore has 4 races, Toronto has over 70 cultures and minorities. A whopping 17 times more diverse. To really get a taste of how diverse this city is, one just has to walk around the streets. One evidence would be the presence of an African community between Little Italy and Chinatown.

The above picture will provide a deeper understanding of the great range of cultures; all sorts of cultures imaginable.

In Little Italy, Toronto and a taste of Sicily.
Some farm produce along Little Italy.
Some reminder of the buildings in Rome.
A poster of Playstation3, and the date indicating '17th of November 2006'. Perhaps a sign of how advance this city is.
While it is good to imagine Toronto as a modern city, some of the police patrol along the streets indicate otherwise.

The greens of the city between Little Italy and Queen Street; an indication of the warm winter of January 2007.

A walk from Little Italy to Queen Street, brings in a totally different atmosphere, and a new distinct flavour. The reason probably is the absence of chain stores, other than the very occasional Starbucks; most stores are probably privately managed, with their own unique characteristic. It very much explain the absolute homogeneity of two distant shopping centres, of Jurong's and Tampines', as one of the many examples of Singapore.
A store selling interesting cards, along Queen Street.
Cafes, private designer, painting and scruptors, among the stores lying along this distinctive flavoured foreign street.



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