Friday, January 12, 2007

Gastroliterary 49: French @ Little India

This French Stall is located in Little India, a little ironic, but because they have cheaper rents at that location.
French baguette with garlic and herbs as appetiser.

Chicken was a little tough but the nice cream sauce made from some mysterious ingredients, save this dish.

Salmon with spinach and sun dried tomatoes. Spinach was a little too oily and was overcooked. Sun dried tomatoes was however beautiful with salmon.

Dessert was tiramisu which was not as soft and wonderfully pleasant as Casa Roma was dried and a lack of any alcoholic punch.
Food: 7
Appetiser and main courses are mainly good. Comforting in fact, to realise what temporary bliss one can experience with good food. Desset was however quite a disappointment, giving the illusive bliss a wakening call.
Service: 7.5
Considering that this French stall does not charge any service charge, their service can be considered above expectation but of course far from attentive.
Ambience: 7
There is no air-conditioned here at all. So Singaporeans visiting this outlet will not experience French al fresco, but tropical heat of island Singapore. The interior decoration has something interesting antics and retro items on display.
Overall: 7
Although this place may be similar to a coffeeshop, it does not mean the dishes are necessary cheap. A typical main course cost around $15 while a set meal can be around $20, exclusive of drinks. However, it can be considered to be a nib taste of French, almost like an introductory course, keeping in mind, an introductory price as well.



Anonymous dev! said...

considering that it's french cuisine, it's cheap leh, dirt cheap

13/1/07 01:53  

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