Thursday, January 04, 2007

This is life 24: Taipei, Moments of surprise, pictures of delight 2

Taiwanese grown grapes.

Marinated duck's tongue that cost NT 150(S$7.50) for 100g.

Interesting artifact outside a museum.

Which in fact, is actually a dustbin.

Silent protest taking place in Taiwan. A rare sight for a Singaporean.

And more than four of them together at one time.
They really have the patience to stand at that position for an extended period of time.

Toilet with baby seat. It should be assumed that such pro-child bearing facilitites is also available in the ladies.

With that, this is a picture outside a primary school, drawn by a primary school children. It shows how mature Taiwanese children can be.


Anonymous dev! said...

pho-whore.. like me.. wahhahah

4/1/07 00:45  
Anonymous steven said...

i think photo-whore is someone who shoots himself more than any other things.. so.. wrong usage by dev? an example hmmm.. is dev himself.. is a photo whore.. esp after every trip to the hair saloon =P

nah children arent mature.. the mature ones are the adults who did not censor this work of art =P

4/1/07 20:48  
Anonymous balex said...

9314miles away. It's cool, in all sense.

8/1/07 03:19  
Anonymous dev! said...

haha.. u can access blog liao huh? update blog la

9/1/07 20:21  

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