Friday, December 29, 2006

This is life 19: Taipei's Night 2, Night Market

Ningxia night market, one of several night markets in Taipei.

Upon entering this night market, Singaporeans will find themselves among the crowd of locals, and hardly anyone with the look of a tourist can be easily found here.

In other words, this place is really for the local Taiwanese, and free from the tourist trap, but a traveller's paradise. Within this long and narrow street, motorists are still able to travel through, which is of course perculiar to Singapore.

Within all this frenzy, food, mostly local food can be found. However, Japanese influenced Taiwan, even contains a sashimi counter. From rotten beancurd, to seafood, to dumplings. The closest resemblance any Singaporeans can think of, will be the food street in Chinatown of Singapore. However, the food street in Singapore is definetely a tourist trap, meaning that, no Singaporeans in their sane mind, will ever go down to that psuedo food street for dinner. Ningxia night market is really different and indeed an eye opener.

One of the treasures found in Ningxia market. Japanese pancake with red beans (NT10 each), overflowing red bean paste. With light, crisp outer layer, accompanying the wonderfully blended, generous amount red bean paste has got to be a gastronomic experience. It comes with yam and cheese as well. After tasting this, similar versions found in Singapore shopping centres can be now declared as utter rubbish.

A similar version can be found in Geyland Singapore.

Soya milk in Taipei. For better or worse, this soya milk is not really anything spectacular. After the taste of the Japanese pancake, the heart will probably need a rest from the shock and surprise induced.



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