Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is life 18: Cultural Ballast in Taipei

The exterior of the Taipei City Hall may seem peaceful. But images of the fights during the parliarmentary meetings had to come to mind.

Just across the city hall, visitors to Taipei can explore Dr. Sun's museum for some cultural ballast from consumerism, commericialization of the city centrel.

Travellers from Singapore can feel the aura of nationalism, democrary in this large, magnificent square with the red-blue Taiwanese flag.

This is the statue of Dr. Sun, who studied for reasons that might seem awkward to Singaporeans, that is, to save his own country.

Unfortunately, no photo taking is allowed in the museum itself, however, it is indeed good news that the entrance to the museum is absolutely free. There are numerous historical details about the lifelong achievements of Dr. Sun as well as a library.

Although the exterior may look traditionally Chinese or ancient, the interior has modern furnishings.

As well as modern neighbours.


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