Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is life 20: Cultural Ballast 2 @ Forbidden City, Taipei

Taipei's another famous national museum which houses large amount of relics, antics and treasures orginally located in the Forbidden Palace in the capital city of Beijing.

This museum attracts a large number of tourists and from all over the world.

This musuem is located in the hilly areas of Taipei.

There are residencial areas dotting the opposite hills, probably the higher income earners of Taipei living away from the noisy city centre.

It is likely that the treasures housed in this musuem will be shipped back to their original location if the island and the mainland finally become one common official country.
In the meantime, the Taiwan flag seems to fly up high, and proudly.
Unfortunately, no photo taking is allowed in the musuem because those 8000 year old antiques will disintegrate with presence of the camera flash.

Only psuedo relics placed outside the museum can be taken for some cultural ballast over over-shopping, over-consumerism and over-gluttonary; to remind one's cultural roots and a moral counterbalance.

But it seems shopping and consumerism just never ends.



Anonymous steven said...

dunno izit juz mi or wad but are u tryin' too hard in ur engrish..?

31/12/06 12:07  
Anonymous dev! said...

agreed. some mistakes here n there

31/12/06 16:38  

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