Tuesday, January 02, 2007

This is life 22: Taipei's night 3, of food and frenzy

Even on a Monday night, the crowds are just endless.

Huaxi street tourist night market one of the several night markets, are filled with snake cuisine restaurants. Of course, the word 'tourist' is not really appealing.

There will some snake performances along the streets, attracting customers to view a live 'animal planet channel' show. However, the real performance of showing the snake swallowing down the rabbit will never take place. Their aim is to lure in customers into their restaurant.

The night markets of Taipei are lined with rows and rows of stalls, filled with shops displaying all kinds of items for sale. And of course, these shops would use tricks to increase their revenue. The snake shops is one example, the throw-a-hoop shop is another one. Although these markets may be happening, Singaporeans, who are too comfortable with their life, may be outwitted by the shrewdness of the wider world.

Taipei's night market are filled with infinite amount of cuisine.

One of the reason that bubble tea still exist commonly in Taipei is that their bubble tea is really good, and at a very reasonable price.

Why does Taipei have night markets that can last for every night of the year?


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