Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This is life 17: High Up in Taipei 101

The prelude to the highest point of the world, highest man-made structure it is. Before the journey up to the top of the world, there is a price of NT350(S$17.50) to pay and there is a long queue for it - a true reflection of the outside world.

Once tourists get into the lift, they will be transported up into the sky of 89th floor, travelling in the world's fastest elevator.

It takes approximately 40 seconds for the journey, according to the crystal screen. Of course, this screen ignores the time for loading and unloading of passengers and the queuing up time.

Once out of the lift, the view of the surrounding areas of Taipei can be enjoyed in a 360 degrees surround view. From rivers to the mountaineous ranges; from musuems to jammed traffic. To experience the cold air of the sky, it cost an additional price of NT100, otherwise the view can only be seen behind closed windows.

Just like being on top of the world, everything below seems so small, so insignificant. It could be pollution; or winter mist. The air up over here is much fresher.
But from the insignificant, this structure seems like a sore thumb, of no particular function, except an attempt to impress the world over. The second tallest building is probably one-tenth of its height.

Of potential target for the missiles across the Taiwan straits, the higher it is, the easier to aim it down accurately.

Taipei 101 shines even at night.



Anonymous dev! said...

one tenth? u think my place ah? lol

20/12/06 00:31  
Blogger bornappleT said...

that's why no one queue up for that.

20/12/06 00:58  

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