Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Gastroliterary 23: La Cave

La Cave Restaurant at CHIJMES, basement.
Great opportunity has been bestowed to me, and that I had a chance to dine at this restaurant.
Norwegian salmon with pasta. This dish was quite nicely presented. But the pasta was really horrible. It was worse than a foreign student experimenting with home cooking for the first time. Other than that, it can bypass as acceptable.
The beautiful night scene was obsecured by the overhead shelter.
$25 for a 3 course dinner, located at prime district with relatively good service.


Anonymous dev! said...

dedicated service la. at any point of time, 3 waitresses were ready to attend to us. Nothing much to attend to, though.

13/12/05 19:35  
Anonymous steven said...

service ichiban~

13/12/05 20:40  

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