Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gastroliterary 24: Melting Pot

It was all joy at this highly anticipated event. A dinner party at the lovely sounding restaurant, Melting Pot, at glamorous Holiday Inn Atrium.

There was a selection of a range of appetisers and desserts to choose from. And they come in unlimited amounts.

The main course, however, was limited to just one precious plate.

The evening was great especially in the quiet setting and the blaze of bright lights of the hotel. However, Melting Pot can certainly improve in many aspects to complement with the eventful night.


Anonymous dev! said...

wah, ur comments getting shorter and shorter.

15/12/05 01:53  
Anonymous steven said...

hum wad... hahaha~

15/12/05 21:49  
Anonymous balex said...

sometimes telling less is actually meaning more.

16/12/05 15:01  
Anonymous steven said...

not say more mistakes more ar?

17/12/05 18:14  
Anonymous balex said...

then see more girls, more heartbreak ah?

17/12/05 22:27  

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