Saturday, December 24, 2005

Durian Daily 24: Untold stories of Singapore

After the Changi Beach shut down operations, there are still actually homeless people on the streets of wealthy Singapore.
It is unimaginable for a typical Singaporean to comprehend how anyone is able to sleep on the brightly-lited platform, beside a busy bus stop during the early night of 11pm. Neither can Durian Daily understands how can one can fall asleep on the streets.

Durian Daily has decided not to disclose further details as to the whereabouts of this unusual location, fearing that more curious onlookers who would disrupt the man's sounding sleep. Furthermore, it is understandably a crime to be homeless; to sleep on the streets of Singapore. And that causing such an ugly incident to be known to the authorities is also a crime in the view from this sleeping, homeless man. Unless, of course, the man would consider a condemned cell to be his home.

The picture taken is of poor quality, for fear of dreaded consequences of the sleeping man being identified. No one in the correct minimal sense would want the world to know that he is homeless.


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