Friday, December 16, 2005

Gastroliterary 25: Japanese v: Tomoe

Tomoe Japanese Cuisine
Location: Upper Thomson Road
The restaurant seems a little run-down; requires some renovation. Furnishings seem old-fashioned rather than country nostalgic. We were not very warmly welcomed by the waitress as we stepped into this place. It was not because she was pre-occupied with something, in fact, the restaurant was vacant. I suspect that if we just turned out heads and walked out, she would celebrate with champagne.

We sitted at a comfortable corner and it was time to make the difficult decisions of ordering. The menu was filled with a great variety became more of a hindrance, from set meals to value meals to a range of a la carte. It was only after quite a struggle that, unagi set and tempura udon set was being ordered.

I was surprised that unagi still exist in Singapore. Anyway, not all unagis purchased in Singapore were imported from China. So this piece of unagi must be free from any harmful chemicals, pregnancy pills or carcinogens. It came as a small piece and I took a bite. I was totally impressed by this piece of fish; melts in the mouth and yet is free of any reeking smell. Most importantly, it is free from poisonous pollutants. The tempura and the udon was just passable and leaving any detailed impression failed. Sushi was not exceptionally fresh.

We ordered ika teriyaki to end off the meal, while pairing up with sake. It was indeed a memorable combination; the sublime sake, the chewy ika.
Food: 6.5

There was another waiter. Although he was more polite and provided better service than the waitress, his appearance was an appetite extinguisher. For an objective view, the part on his balding head had to be left out, but it was his rags that he wore was the problem. In contrast, the waitress who was more appropriately dressed, had an attitude that deserves to be sent for a makeover. A total disaster for Singapore, trying to become top in the tourism sector (in fact everything).
Service: 5

The restaurant was considered to be quiet except that the night was spoilt by a screaming child. The place does require some refurnishings, although it was still bearingly comfortable.
Ambience: 6

The total bill came to $60 which was totally acceptable considering the amount of items ordered which include 2 dinner sets, a side dish and alcohol. A second visit would need much second thoughts. It will be quite a shame to note that they won the 'Best Restaurant' awards some years ago.
Overall: 6


Anonymous steven said...

how u know free from poisonous pollutants? did u INFER? or did u TASTE that part out? u must have amazng tastebuds like those of the idiot in local drama 'tong xin yuan".. hahah~

17/12/05 18:08  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Pun intended. Was obviously exaggerating it. hidden puzzle inside.

17/12/05 22:29  

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