Friday, December 02, 2005

Supermarket Spree 3: Unique Grapes

Khoyo Grapes

They are big and black and emits a strong red wine aroma. Once you stick your teeth into it, the juice ooze out, juice that likens red wine to a great extend.
Do take note of the white residues on the skin. They do not come off with washing but with rubbing using a fabric, the rich black skin of the grapes appear. (Compare the previous photo with the preceding one) Chemical residues left behind? The grape skin comes of with super great ease.The skin has this slight bitter taste. So it is better to remove it and enjoy the flesh filled with the richness of red wine, minus the hangover.


Anonymous steven said...

gimme those grapes on tuesday~!!!

2/12/05 21:28  
Anonymous dev! said...

then wad's the point of washing the skin if u dun intend to eat the skin as well? hmm.. 'great extend'? i think should be 'extent' :D

2/12/05 21:53  

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