Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gastroliterery 20: Americans


Stories goes that a group of Hainanese chefs who worked on the ship, in their retirement, opened this 'The Ship Restaurant'. Real sailor chefs opening a restaurant?

Feeling excited, I stepped into the restaurant. A polite man in his 50s, welcomed warmly. The place was relatively quiet for it was located in the quiet corner of an Orchard Road building. (Shaw Tower, 4th Storey)

Efforts was made to emulate a ship environment, although the place does feel a little old-fashhioned.

There is no sea view unfortunately. Nor gulls nor babes by the bay.

The food came with good timing. Soup was pretty average. Same goes for the bread. The Fried Fish and Fried Prawn was not oily and some of the freshness of the seafood was preserved. There was also cod fish where the fish melts in the mouth. However, the salmon's standard lagged behind.

Dessert was very ordinary cake that no further describing is worthy.

Overall, the dinner experience was slightly above average. There was a thunderstorm at point of time which makes dining quite like a ride upon the stormy sea experience. The service was acceptable though they would have scored more points if they had made more effortsto satisfy or to impress their customers till they left. I do look forward to sample their signature dishes, though not entirely Western, of fish head bee hoon and Hainan chicken rice.

Price: $20-$30 for a set dinner Food, Service Ambience, Overall index: 6.5 6.5 7 7


Anonymous dev! said...

ur main dish looks yummy!

27/10/05 21:23  
Blogger bornappleT said...

similar pricing with Jack's place and such but quality differs considerably.

29/10/05 01:06  

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