Saturday, October 22, 2005

I Love Globalisation 5: East Meets West

East meets West sounds like a fashionable fusion of many cultures of world. As the Asian world rise up to challenge the position of the Western world, the food we eat, clothes we wear, medicine we take, music we listen to or the show we watch, have a mix and match of the westest and the eastern influences.

What is 'East meets West' translation in Mandarin? It is:

中西合并 ?

Or is it?

东西合并 ?

But 中西合并 is 'China meets West' and not 'East meets West'.
Did the Chinese national deliberately left the rest of Asia and think that only the Chinese are worthy of such infusion of cultures? How about countries like India and Vietnam? Are they not rising powers of Asia? Why are they left out?
Maybe it is because 中西合并 sounds better than 东西合并? China is just so big a country, that they can just forget the rest of the world.

At least, the English 'East meets West' shows that the speakers are more open-minded, and do not think that the whole world belongs to them only.

What about Singapore? Is it 新中合并? As Singapore has much Western influences due to flourishing Western economies in the 20th century, Singapore can combine with the economy powerhouse of the 21st century China, so that both Western and Eastern values, culture can be exchanged effectively. We learn the wonderful values of China from the China Chinese, and in turn, they learn the Western culture from the Singaporeans. Very soon, it will be 新中合并 and for tiny Singapore, the rest of the world can very well be obsolete.


Anonymous steven said...

ok this is a really thought provoking one.. haha never really considered if its a 'zhong' or 'dong'.. aniwae it will eventually become 'shi jie he bing'.. hahah.. so it doesnt matter lah..

23/10/05 00:19  
Blogger bornappleT said...

You live in the centre of the world, so the world revolves around you.

27/10/05 21:08  

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