Monday, October 17, 2005

Durian Daily 18: Academic Ranking of World Universities

It is unlikely that the local media will report the national's university ranking done by the reputable Shanghai Jiaotong University. Well, the survey of this Chinese University is probably unbiased given that their nation's best university ranked out of the top 150 range.

Now, for the shocking news, Singapore's top univeristy, NUS is not within the top 20 or even within the top 100, out of 500 universities world-wide. USA dominates the top places in the world-wide rankings, while Japan topped the Asian region.


Anonymous steven said...

NUS at 112nd~
wahaha.. take it with a pinch of salt~
but then again you just feel why are there so many freaking smarty pants in the world.. haha~
kinda demoralising~

17/10/05 15:00  
Anonymous steven said...

not really 112nd.. cos "Institutions within the same rank range are listed alphabetically."
lets assume it to be 101st lah.. haha~

17/10/05 15:06  
Anonymous dev! said...

SHHHHhhhhHH! Better dun let 'them' see it.. if not, we'll probably be the last batch of locals enrolled :X

17/10/05 23:37  
Blogger bornappleT said...

I think they knew it already, just that they are too embarrassed to announce it. They have to wait till someone rank them top 10, then they tell the whole nation.

18/10/05 00:08  
Anonymous dev! said...

does that mean that.. most locals will end up in polys in the future, since it is viewed as an equally competent institution?

18/10/05 08:58  
Anonymous steven said...

u thinking abit too much dev..
man.. i regreted not going into poly sia.. sigh~

18/10/05 19:55  
Anonymous steven said...

think u think too much dev...
man.. i regreted not going into poly sia.. pui~!!!
and wtf is the word verification stuff doing.. alwaz gimme those ambiguous looking codes.. so izit a caps "i" or a "l" ?! ccb~

18/10/05 19:58  
Anonymous steven said...

now i have double posts..
make it triple..

19/10/05 01:26  
Blogger bornappleT said...

you can read, computers cant.
go poly good meh? now working already?

19/10/05 10:23  
Anonymous steven said...

i guess i will do better in poly.. i would say the stuff u do in poly wuld be more practical..

19/10/05 17:39  

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