Saturday, October 01, 2005

Durian Daily 16: Home of the Emmys

Channel 5, a self-proclaimed "Home of the Emmys" television channel. Does 'home' sounds suspicious to you?
Home: A building where one owns and belongs to.
House: A building where one can buy.

Maybe the intelligent reader should question which of the Emmys does Channel 5 really own? In other words, which of the Emmys belongs to Channel 5? Durian Daily, after much research, have discovered that the results is null. This means that those Emmy shows are essentially being bought using money and then telecast to the viewers. Since house is a building that one can buy and not necessary belong to, "Home of the Emmys" should be changed to "House of the Emmys".

Further probing would discover that Felicity Huffman probably did not know the existence of Channel 5. Neither would this Emmy Award winner from the Winning Series of "Desperate Houswives", be aware that she has a home here. Put it in this way, she probably does not bother whether she has or has not a home in the tiny island nation.

Like Lost, reality and virtual are no longer distinct.


Anonymous steven said...

u r too technical liao.. its juz a slogan.. juz another advertising gimmick~

2/10/05 00:31  
Blogger bornappleT said...

yes, that's what it means. gimmicks. how some like to use words to convince others in believeing something.
Like a girl who always goes round showing how chio she is. convincing others and herself in believing so.

2/10/05 18:06  
Anonymous steven said...

dats a weird analogy tho...

3/10/05 01:01  
Blogger bornappleT said...

this is call zhi sang ma huai. meaning things without being accused of.
eh, does that girl above rings a bell?

3/10/05 12:56  

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