Sunday, October 16, 2005

Supermarket Spree 1: Chocolate Sticks

Supermarket Spree, a subsidiary of Gastronomy, has decided to separate itself as an independent category, in order to prevent overflooding of Gastronomy. Supermarket Spree hopes to record good buys and wishes the worthy reader to make intelligent use of their resources.

Now here is the true judgment on the above choco-sticks, one should decide upon his next snack.

Lotte, Pepero Almond
Country of Origin: South Korea
Although the packaging indicates that it originates from South Korea, but the packaging is obviously from China (indicated).

Price: $1.30

Nutritional Information: Does not exist

Packaging: 5
Mediocre packaging, with no nutritional information found. Such information is essential to the well-being and awareness of the ordinary consumer. The paper packaging does not leave an impression behind, although the designs are colourful and slightly attractive.

Taste: 5.5
The biscuit sticks are almost hollow inside; without any crunch. The tongue can feel the presence of the chocolate, unfortunately, it is not the case for the tastebuds. The almonds have a right amount but perhaps the manufacturer should have added in the 'roasting almonds process' into part of their manufacturing procedure.

Overall: 6
The cheapest of the all, although it is rated lowest in quality. It is good for a quick snack if one is on a tight budget.

Glico, Pocky Almond Crush

Product Information:
Country of origin:Japan
At around $5 a box, this had better be good.
The nutritional information and ingredients are clearly indicated. It contains 4 packs of 6 sticks.

Packaging: 8
This product booast the most attractive packaging. Attractive and tempting, the illustration depicts on seemingly good quality paper.

Opening the box, is also a wonderful surprise. Four lovely, with golden embroidery, while revealing the main course for the day. Anyway, the four individually packed chocolate snacks does not require one to finish up hastily once it is opened. Although, it may seem to be a waste of resources at which the product is packaged, nevertheless the product indicates 'Recycle'. (Maybe I did not notice, but local goods did not seem to encourage recycling.)

Taste: 7.5

Once opened, the smell of the chocolate catch up upon the nose, though strangely there is a hint of coffee aroma. The stick booast rich chocolate and generous amount of fragrant almonds.

Overall: 7
At $5 a pack, it should be discouraging for overconsumption of this flavourful snack.

Meiji, Lucky Mini Almond
Product Information:
Country of Origin: Japan
This cost $2.60 for a pack of 20 odd mini sticks.
Product Information is also readily available.

Packaging: 7
Strangely, the front picture reminds one of cavemen. The packaging is quite attractive.

However, once opened, it is advised that they are to be finished. Unless one stores them properly, the quality of this product will be affected.

Taste: 7
Coming in mini size, it looks delicate rather than a caveman's weapon. The flavour lacks the depth of Glico. The biscuit feels a little empty. Nevertheless, it is still a satisfying snack for almond and chocolate lovers.

Overall: 7
I think this quite a worthy snack to have.

Depending on your budget constraint, and the degree of likeness for chocolate sticks as afternoon snacks, Lotte or Glico or Meiji with a range of prices, is for the budget-conscious or the die-hard snack lovers. Basically, you pay what you get applies quite well here.


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