Friday, September 30, 2005

Tea Talk Time 2: Introduction to Matcha

A pleasant encounter with matcha.
Matcha from Fukujuen

The bright algae green. You do not drink from glass (this is to show the colour shades) but from tea cups. No doubt matcha is used in tea ceremony. But an introductory course will not go beyond mentioning tea ceremony, which is complicated enough, deserving a full course solely on it.

Health benefits is definetely worthy to be mentioned:
In addition to providing trace minerals and vitamins, matcha is rich in catechin polyphenols - compounds with high antioxidant activity. These compounds offer protection against many kinds of cancer, help prevent cardiovascular disease and slow the aging process. They also reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, stabilize blood sugar levels, help reduce high blood pressure and enhance the resistance of the body to many toxins. Matcha has a significant amount of dietary fiber and practically no calories.
Andrew Weil

Never mind about the precise, detailed steps and the expensive handmade gadgets of tea ceremony. Good taste and many health benefits is the killer combination.


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Anonymous steven said...

yar killer combi.. a definite wallet killer.. wahahah

30/9/05 13:41  
Anonymous dev! said...

So u mean it can prolong lives? Can i drink it like water?

30/9/05 21:32  
Blogger bornappleT said...

Health benefits and longevity are not necessary related. Drink like water? I wish too. if it is as easily available. wallet killer~

30/9/05 23:55  
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