Friday, September 09, 2005

Gastroliterary 14: HL, A New Chapter?

Does the average milk fan notice the change of packaging for HL milk? Known for its high calcium, high protein and low fat content, it is hailed by health-conscious nuts. Even the seemingly fake milky taste does not turn off one's delight in it.

However, this recent change is too much to take. Besides the obvious packaging change, the taste which originally lacks the creamy, smoothness of fresh, real milk, now has the newly added creamy taste; a sickly buttery texture. I wonder what chemicals did the manufacturer add? Why don't you try it and tell me?


Anonymous steven said...

f lah.. its juz MILK... drink and be healthy~!!!

10/9/05 00:02  
Anonymous balex said...

if there is a choice: taste plus health & health minus taste? female plus chio & female but not chio, how?

but for the choice of president, it will be different. there wont be any lah.

10/9/05 02:39  
Anonymous dev! said...

haiya.. be 'thankful' that they didn't change their 'highlights' to Low fat, High Calcium, Low cholesterol, or change to 'lhl' as their brand to seek an association with a person..

Anyway, i dun drink 'plain milk' ;)

10/9/05 05:22  
Anonymous balex said...

wah, so thoughtfully crafted.

10/9/05 13:24  

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