Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gastroliterary 13: Asian Wonders

General Information
Premier Thai Traditions Restaurant
Location: Novena Area
The restaurant was totally empty and was still empty when the lunch was completed. It is a Sunday afternoon, and a restaurant have only one table to serve is really unfortunate.

Food: 6.5
The tom yam soup was great. Seafood with fragrant soup although the intensity cannot be compared with Thailand itself. The fishcake was pretty well. Overall, dishes include fish, vegetables, and the taste was slightly salty and oily that is quite overwhelming. Other than that, the food was acceptable.

Service: 7.5
I am unable to judge their service in the most objective manner for there was only one table of guest. Being the only centre of attention with four waitresses, they cannot have much excuse to give mediocre service. However, they were not too attentive enough, perhaps due to the lack of business that dampened their moods.

Ambience: 6
The music was the most irritating part of the lunch experience. Bells playing popular songs was being played, I rather they spared me with silence instead. The interior designs and comfort were pretty average.

Overall: 6.5
The bill amounted to about $20 per head although shark fins and other expensive delicacies were not ordered. This restaurant has no 'wow' factor and needs considerations when attempting to visit them again.


Anonymous dev! said...

U haven't tasted their speciality dish.. how could u comment then? *roll eyes*

7/9/05 00:39  
Blogger bornappleT said...

I am born in Singapore.
you should have been there that day and experience 'wu ren wen jin' 'men ke luo que'.
Oh we go there in April next year? i sure say very nice one.
*roll tongue*

7/9/05 11:55  
Anonymous steven said...

wah lau alwaz got good food.. i want oso~!!!!

8/9/05 17:21  

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