Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Food Review 1: Opening

Singapore is a well-known 'food paradise'. I have been trying hard to find out how true is this. Obviously my views deviates slightly from the state's ideality. Sometimes I wonder why places like Seoul Garden have not ceased to exist and what is the great deal about overrated Sushi chain eateries. Upon this food review, I shall gather my experience of gluttoning in tiny Singapore, with my slightly biased views.

One of the challenge faced, is to have an objective mind while experiencing food. Especially in extreme conditons- in hunger or filled-up, in poverty or in health, in sickness or in health, till death do us part.

Food gives life, so do you live for food or food for life?
Indeed food for life:

Staff of restaurant blocked evacuating customers
Friday • June 24, 2005

I REFER to the small fire that broke out at Plaza Singapura on Tuesday night. While it was rather scary being at the scene, I thought the building's staff and management reacted quickly and professionally.However, I'd like to draw attention to a dangerous and irresponsible act by one tenant.A friend and I were having dinner at the Swensen's restaurant when the fire broke out.Our dinner had only just been served and we had barely started eating, but it was smoking and there were requests on the public address system for everyone to leave immediately.So, the customers in Swensen's got up to evacuate the site.At this point, the staff of Swensen's blocked the way and insisted we pay before leaving.This meant that around 30 people had to wait in line to pay, when the building had already been evacuated and smoke was filling the restaurant!The manager told us they were given 15 minutes to collect payment before allowing us to leave.The 15 minutes could easily have cost lives. What if something had exploded? Or if children had passed out from smoke inhalation?I am disgusted at this ridiculous prioritising of money over life. I hope something can be done to prevent such irresponsible acts from occurring again.

Letter from NICHOLAS TAN WEN-YU ST Forum

Swensens anyone? Perharps the next time you visit Swensens and got choked by their tender beef, you are sure that they will make you foot the bill before the Swensens manager allow you to board the ambulance. Till then, bornapplet.


Anonymous dev! said...

Perhaps they were concerned with the amount of people tryin their luck at a 霸王餐. Moreover, they've already offered a service charge waiver for all the customers the following weekend. Maybe the diners that day can thank the person who posted the complaint.

4/7/05 20:20  

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