Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This is life 14: Introduction to Taipei

It will be extremely mind-boggling to realise that ten-thousand missiles are aiming towards the island of Taiwan, and the Taiwan lies in the earthquake and typhoon belt.

It was a hilarious welcome to Taoyuan airport with this funky advertisement in pink. Are Taiwanese friendly or freaky?

With a contrasting change, the queues for the immigration counter were not at all a welcoming sight. Singapore's efficiency was to be nostalgic.

For the economy class passengers, taking the cheaper mode of transport, the airport shuttle, will be an ideal way of getting into the city centre. A bus ride cost NT125 (S$6), brings passengers to the Taipei Train station. The taxi, while brings passengers directly to the destination, cost a staggering ten times the amount.



Blogger LaDawnCP said...

If only I was coming to visit Taipei, your site would be an excellent resource.

29/12/06 02:56  

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