Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gastroliterary 48: Taste Paradise, a revisit

A second visit to Taste Paradise was made on 2th of August.

Revisits take place when the previous visit left remarkable memorable experience, or that it is forced upon, for instance, when a dinner treat is being held. In this case for Taste Paradise, both reasons occur at the same time.

For some perfectly good reasons, this restaurant had been featured positively in the recent local papers.

It is actually quite misleading when this restaurant brands itself as ''chinese cuisine with a difference''. From their menu, it is clear that many of their dishes is not authentically Chinese at all. They made use of goose liver, French sauces, Japanese wasabi. Fusion is a better choice. Perhaps in this 21st century, it is hip and happening to be a Chinese.

This is the wonderful shark fins soup kept warm in Japanese stoneware. It comes with well-flavoured broth, and large pieces of the sharks' cartilage. It is only, for a moment, that one forgets about how this dish originates, will one be able to fully enjoy its sweetness and fragrance.

The cod fish is a product of one's creativity of fushion. Drizzled in French sauce, and wasabi-flavoured fish eggs, this simple fish is brought to a new level of complexitiy. Presented well, and tasted just as good, this dish cannot be missed.

The dinner continued with deer meat, asparagus with geoduck, eggplant with pork floss and fried noodles. All except the last fried noodles, in the light of other dish, lack much interest, were entirely satisfying. To complement the dinner, the service was generally friendly and quite professional. However, budget contraints of about $50 and beyond, may hinder revisits to occur again. If one has money that flows like the Yangze, then this restaurant is really the place to be.

This restaurant has traditional Chinese decorations.

And with the combination of modern design, it reminds the customers that modern China is really the place to be.


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