Monday, July 24, 2006

This is life 12: Food and Culture 3 in Great China

Any traveller to China who knows not any Mandarin will face an increase in difficulty in navigating around and for efficient communication. Being a Singaporean where most people speak sufficient Mandarin, is actually quite a blessing.

Indeed, it is a blessing especially one is able to understand the propaganda that is sticking around every corner of the streets, in major road junctions and basically everywhere that catches the wandering eye. This poster that is found in a train cabin, illustrates positive propaganda.

More of this positive influences are to be seen on roads on every busy streets.“ ‘文明在我脚下’,骑车,走路不闯红灯!” This is where citizens are encouraged to lead a more civilized life that do not necessary ''progress'' when a country is get wealthier.

And as this great country dives ahead economically, the coffee culture of the West is sipping into the society. In many malls, Starbucks and the likes can be seen where a cup coffee can easily cost over RMB20. A price that is worth more than half a day of the average Chinese's workers pay.

It includes this Western-style cafe that is well-integrated into the local culture. The culture of emulation the great.

China, a country of diversity, a country of culture, a country that comes with everything massive, a country of ironies, bids their visitors goodbye by charging a cup of coffee at RMB60 at the Pudong airport.


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