Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gastroliterary 43: Japanese xi @ Kazu Sumi-yaki

Kazu-Sumiyaki located at Cuppage Plaza brings an exciting experience for all diners right at the doorsteps. There would be a crowd waiting eagerly at the entrance before 6.30pm when this restaurants opens. Before opening, there would be an interesting show where the chef will be lecturing the waitresses out loud. Corporate Japan, it brings one to think of.

This restaurant specialises in barbeque but includes some other Japanese cuisine like tenpura in its menu. One extremely interesting item is basashi, or horse sashimi. In Singapore, horse meat can be considered very unique, and of course, unique stuff always comes at a unique price.

The meal opens up with delicately-made appetisers, with an orchid to add in an extra uniqueness. Of course, it would be a great idea to have sakura instead. But having an orchid instead, will be more unique. The ''tofu'' like object, taste more like cheese cake rather than egg or bean curd. It is a unique way to surprise diners. This restaurant not just surprise diners but also challenges diners into guessing what mysterious items made up these appetisers. Whether it is the squid in musty mysterious sauce or the fried vegetable with a unknown substance, this is not just a tasteful experience but also an intellectual journey.
The main course of yakimono, that supposedly attracts many diners to its barbeque repertoire, even though this restaurant is located at quite a secluded corner of Singapore. It has a wide array, ranging from the simple chicken, to more exotic items like black pork and different organs of a chicken carcass. This proof to be not only gastronomical but also quite an anatomical experience. However, the yakimono does not taste as wonderful or surprising as the appetisers. Actually the different sticks,though with different pricing, tends to taste very similar with each other and does not to leave much of a strong impression. Probably ''acceptable'' would be the best description for their trademark items. With the appetisers, eight sticks of barbequed sticks, rice and soup, it still cost a reasonable $23 and above for the whole set.

This rice in a hot pot, with wild vegatables, salmon and roe dish, while cooked nicely, it can considered to be a little pricey at $22, because of its relatively simple ingredients. The set meal is therefore of a better deal.

Judging from the crowded conditions of this restaurant, and that even ethnic Japanese visit this place, this place is probably authentically Japanese. Waitresses speak some Japanese adds on to the ambience. And in this small restaurant, they play American music which further enhances its Japanese flavours.

Service here is mostly friendly. The waitresses will patiently explain to their guest which part of the chicken they are serving. They are willing to go for the extra mile where they will scoop up the rice from the hotpot into a small bowl. Perhaps this restaurant would be better off if they are armed with more menus for their customers. Oolong tea taste of good quality and here it cost nothing and that they are frequently filled up. The fresh cabbage served to their customers
before they start ordering and the napkins they provide are absolutely free. Definitely a display of authentic Japanese ethics of honesty, which unlike some certain restaurants who charge their poor customers for stuff they have no knowledge of ordering. Perhaps it is also reflecting the customs of these certain cultures.

Overall, this restaurant is fairly good but does not quite deserve the hype and attention that it is getting. Probably an authentic restaurant to experience Japanese barbeque in tropical Singapore.

Food: 7
Service: 7.5
Ambience: 7.5
Overall: 7


Anonymous Anonymous said...

man. you should try the rest of the menu before dismissing them as average ^_^;;; just the chicken set isn't reflective of the quality of their menu at all. heh.

17/9/06 18:10  

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