Thursday, August 17, 2006

Gastroliteray 47: Japanese xiii @ Noodle House Ken

A small Japanese ramen restaurant situated at Orchard Road. This place serves good ramen and this cold ramen is interesting. With generous condiments and sliced pork, the cold noodes were filled with good texture, while coming along with sesame seeds gravy. Service here is quick and comes with no fuss. However, their menus and their tables need much upgrading because there are old and dirty. This place is one of the rare gems in Singapore that serves Asahi in the draft version.


Anonymous dev! said...

orchard road so big.. how to find?

20/8/06 18:54  
Blogger bornappleT said...

I shall revisit and find out for you.

22/8/06 17:33  
Blogger D said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

24/8/06 16:13  
Blogger D said...

It's at orchard plaza somewhat under the overhead pass that connects it to cuppage. Yes, I agree that Ken's noodles are pretty good but I find their cold ramen severely lacking. I'll stick to the hot one anytime. Oh another thing is they're opened till 2am which makes it a great supper joint after some drinking.

24/8/06 16:14  
Blogger bornappleT said...

d, thank you for your insights.

25/8/06 01:04  

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