Friday, August 04, 2006

Gastroliterary 45: Italian @ Casa Roma

Casa Roma was revisited on the 29th of July; the 9th time.

The fish and seafood soup which consist of butter fish, prawns, shells, in Italian tomatoes, bay leaf and spice, is a new found love. Costing $19.90 may not sound too good, but it is has quantity large enough for a few people to share. And most importantly, the seafood is fresh and the tomato used gives the soup it's full flavour and the bright summer sweetness.

The pizza that is perhaps the star of this restaurant, is a little soggy in the centre. Today's special is homemade pasta, with ricotta, and smoked cheese. This dish is a heavy one and required stamina to finish, because of the cheese used.

It was interesting to notice the great diversity of the races visiting this restaurant. Other than some Singaporean Chinese, there was a family of Indian, a table of adult Japanese and some caucasians couples. Even the stuff working in the restaurant boost a range of ethinicities as well.


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