Friday, December 30, 2005

Durian Daily 25: Thanks, but no thanks

Everyone loves prizes. So this notice on a particular notice board located in one of the heartlands is vying for attention. Win prizes, everyone will try to be the first to take part! Did you notice that the first prize is a ''Europe Winter Tour''? Isn't that a dream come true especially if you win it? Well, even if it is for one, it is still worthy of trying for that $2000 prize.
I took a closer look. I was totally flabbergasted. ''Excluding air tickets''? What on earth does anyone need a European package tour without air tickets? Even if anyone who wins that first prize, he is going to spend another $2000 on air tickets. It is one of those futile things which is giving out prizes with hidden agendas and that the involved company is so reluctantly in rewarding their customers. Since the company have no intention of truly giving prizes, then it is not at all worthy to take part.
And before I walked off, I noticed that instead of air tickets, they are replacing them with the the creative ''Chingay tickets'', moreover they make it come in 2 pairs. Thanks, but no thanks.


Anonymous dev! said...

it's for ppl who is an ebay member la, to auction off the tour package for money. wait a min.. tour package for ONE? wth..

30/12/05 23:11  
Anonymous balex said...

Why cant they make a full trip for two to nice places like China? Cost about 2000 also what.

30/12/05 23:47  
Anonymous steven said...

eh can say where and wad coy anot... wahahha.. local ad ar? fucked up sia~

31/12/05 00:44  

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