Monday, June 11, 2007

Foreign Journey: New York, New York 8: New York City with love

New York may be an expensive place, with too many choices to make about what to do, that visitors find themselves at a loss. However, being lost in this big city, is a great activity, free and just as exciting. With a population of more than 8 million in the city and 22 million in the metropolitan area, New York City is one of the largest cities in the world. New York City is not the cleanest, the quietest, the most orderly, but essentially these factors add into the atmosphere and vibes of this fast-paced, vibrant, diverse global city.

Technically, one cannot be lost in the arrays of streets and complex of roads in Manhattan due to the orderly naming of the roads that goes in numbering order. Being lost would mean walking around the streets with no particular aim in mind, and just participate in the city life as one encounters along the walk, as one improvises. This includes making use of one's five senses. It indeed requires five senses because what this city offers is a five-dimensional experience, which however, may be overwhelming for some who are akin to the quieter life of the country.

As with numerous showcase in New York, Banana Republic's showcase is attention grabbing.

Both pleasing to the taste and the sight.

Along the crowded, noisy streets of New York City, among many, unexpected surprises.

With so much things to do in this great city, using the expensive internet is a complete waste of time.

In this fashion capital, it is an activity to see New Yorkers dress in style, probably the next fashion style only available next year in Singapore.

The different dress of New Yorkers, maybe due to climate differences, or just difference in attitudes, or just differences in cultures.

With differences, it is a city of diversity, with contrast in opinions as well.

Not just the sight or hearing, the sense of smell is kept working as well.

There are many interesting advertisements all around, showing much humour and creativity.

An advertisement propagating environmentally friendly concepts.

If holiday advertisements are as interesting as the holiday itself. An advertisement in the subway.

This city, which used to have a reputation of being dangerous, with much effort from the police department, has become one of the safest cities in American.

A real encounter on a Greyhound bus.
On the busy roads during the rush hour, a large truck turned in from another road, dangerously close to the bus. The bus driver had to use the bus honk.
A Bangladeshi Canadian, shaking his head indicating his disgust: "This is New York."
Bus driver, with a loud and sound affirmation: "I love New York."
Four words, a reflection of the attitude of New Yorkers, a simple yet profound expression.



Anonymous balex said...

Things missed out for this 5 day travel. To be done for the next trip back to New York City:
Visit and dine in Brookyln
Shop or window shop in Tribeca and surrounding area.
See the uptown.
Eat at some restaurant. New York is the cuisine capital of the world.
Visit the Modern Art Museum.
Hear the New York Phil.
Watch a broadway.
More free good quality street performances.
Migrate to New York City.

12/6/07 12:55  

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