Thursday, June 07, 2007

Foreign Journey: New York, New York 4: Central Park

Central Park, another famous landmark of New York City, featured in movies, portrayed in art. It is a continuous green lung among the rows of concrete.

Before stepping into Central Park, a surprise may be in store for travelers at Fao Schwarz, where kids and adults play in a common ground.

With life size animals, shelves of collectibles,

unimaginable items found in a mega toy store,

browsing around, is a good activity for an afternoon.

Not forgetting the main attraction, Central Park was starting to bloom with flowers. It was early spring, with temperatures hovering slightly above the freezing point, most plants are still bare however.

Another classic scene.
This famous park is actually a product of human construction, where a green space was seen as a need in the midst of the city's booming years. However, transportation between different parts of the city cannot be stopped, thus the building of the roads below and hidden away from the park.

The area occupied by Central Park is massive, and that activities that can be done there is almost limitless. From rowing boat in the rivers, to visiting the zoo,
to play tennis, to ride horses, to view the awesome architecture of the bridges,

to a visit to the famous Metropolitan Art Museum. For the entrance fee, a recommendation fee is suggested, meaning it is possible to get into the museum for free, in addition with the frown from the security guards. A trust given to visitors of the museum, which is almost unthinkable in Singapore, for example.

New York City, a centre of the arts and culture, can be understood and experienced with a visit to Metropolitan Art Museum.From arts dating thousands of years ago, to modern art pieces, to Eastern cultures, to the ancient classical Greeks, New York City is truly the centre of the arts.



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