Saturday, June 09, 2007

Foreign Journey: New York, New York 6: Night Scenes

The city that never sleeps, transform itself totally from day to night.
At Times Square.Beaming with visitors, stores and restaurants.

The lights shine incessantly, and blaze through the night. The heavy traffic, the police sirens every minute, the crowds pushing, the New York City vibes.

Or one can watch a performance along Broadway, either a musical, an opera, a ballet. This is New York City, a city of the arts, of entertainment, the activities are limitless.

The Met, filled with ladies and gentlemen in their evening gowns and cocktail suits.

The grandeur of the Met.
A visit to view the Grand Central Terminal is also a worthy trip. It is hard to comprehend why a train station can be lavished with such grand architectural designs, but being a city of cultural and of the arts, perhaps very much explain the reasons.

The massive chandeliers on several metres high ceilings.

Grand Central Terminal.

Another night spot, where travelers can visit for free will be the Brookyln Bridge.

For a whole view of the Manhattan area from the bridge, brings in a whole new perspective of the city's skyline, while the traffic moves below the pedestrian's pavement.

The view of Manhattan and the Manhattan Bridge.

Setting foot on another borough, Brooklyn, the most culturally diverse population in a single neighbourhood in the world.

Alternatively, another magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline will be from the observatory decks. Either at the Empire State building or the Rockafeller Center. Empire State Building observatory deck is very popular, so a wait of 2 hours is the norm.

The arrays of skyscrapers, the density of concrete, the amazing lights brightening the evening. Watch as the city transform itself.

The Empire State Building towering above other skyscrapers. The twin towers might have then complimented the Empire State, but it no longer holds true now.

Once this view is in sight, it become imaginable how much inspiration these scenes are able to evoke in writers of classic movie stories, cartoon series, or even music. City of all cities, is really true.

Late at night, the city still refuse to sleep.

In New York City, there are countless activities possible. Even late in the night, the city is still bustling with life, lights, traffic, sirens, crowds,,,



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