Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gastroliterary 39: French Creperie

Creperie, a restuarant which introduces Brittany treasures to Thomson. Brittany, France is famous for their food, and crepes is the main attraction over here.Crepes's cost range from $3.50 to $11, depending on choice of accompaning toppings, which can be considered quite costly for a dessert. The crepes that are made from wheat flour, are being made fresh by a French chef. This aroma can spread through this tiny shop that sits less than 20 people.

The taste in quite refreshing, especially when one has not eaten a real crepe before. The assumption that this place serves real crepes is probably a valid one and in Singapore, it is really hard to find one the serves the real thing. There are many combination of toppings and the one with the goat's cheese is quite a match. Goat's cheese eaten plain is thick, heavy and pungent, but along with the crepe, it is wonderful.

Other than French food, one most interesting experience is that one can probably experience French snob here. There are many signs telling customers how to behave. There is this reminder that customers are to switch their cellphones to silent mode, and at the kitchen counter, it tells the customer that this is not an ordering counter, and on the menu, they advise customers that they should order their desserts only after the main course and that having different combinations of toppings would incur additional costs. On one's way to the the toilet, there is a newspaper article about how customers should also help so that Singapore's service standard can be improved. And no customers are allowed to take any photographs unless they seek permission to do so. Lastly, there is a policy such that the minimum charge per head in this cafe is $10. So if one is here to enjoy the food or French snob, the charge is a minimum of $10. Ironically, with so much signs that gave this place a snobbish image, they do provide personalized service such as advising customers how they should approach the food and the people serving there do seem quite polite.

A very French cafe in a small area. Experience French food and culture here, except for the scenic streetwalks while dining al fresco in France. Be prepared that one's haughtiness, even if one is an elite, will have take on a secondary role in this place.
Food: 7.5
Service: 7
Ambience: 7
Overall: 7


Anonymous dev! said...

pay money to be treated like kindergarten kids? hmmm...

14/5/06 23:34  
Blogger bornappleT said...

a unique place with a unique experience. those signs are quite a turn-off but the food a turnon.

17/5/06 13:50  

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