Sunday, August 12, 2007

Japan 7: Hiroshima 3: Okonomiyaki

だんだん, a restaurant located in the city of Hiroshima is a 5minutes walk from the J-hoppers hostel, which happens to be quite a popular hostel among budget tourists. This restaurant is specially recommended by a local who works at a hair salon. In the midst of limited English knowledge, and relating simplified Japanese, he had kindly show the direction with great patience and sincerity.

It was crowded in this small restaurant, with customers probably having their dinner after their work to enjoy some food and beer while engaging in loud conversations.

This local dish of Hiroshima origin, お好み焼き, okonomiyaki is an awkward mix of noodles, egg, seafood, homemade special sweet sauce and topped off with parsley and sesame. According to difference prices and taste, seafood or beef or pork can also be added in. While other parts of Japan (or world) have similar dish, this particular dish is unique to this region due to the specific sauce being used.

For the taste, it turn out to be surprising good for the messy looks it gets. It would be better if there was beer to accompany. Pricing at around 600円, it can be considered quite expensive. However, for the likes found in Takashimaya, Singapore, it can be concluded that the taste has been localised.



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