Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mexico 12: Mexico City 6

Ciudad Universitaria ("University City") is UNAM's main campus, located in the Coyoacan region borough in the southern part of Mexico City. It has more than 150 thousands students and is the most important university in the Spanish speaking world. Its main campus is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the picture shown is taken from the Wikipedia site. This university is just opposite of the football stadium where is host the World Cup.

Overlooking Mexico City, This city is one of the largest in the world, with a population of more than 22 million in its greater metropolitan area.

With an elevation of an average of more than 2200m, it can be considered to be a city within mountains. So travelers should be aware of the cooler climate even though it is near the tropics, and that the high elevation makes breathing more difficult. To make matters worse, its air is highly polluted due to the large population and high elevation, clean air is unavailable.

Mexico, a Catholic country, has many churches.

Many of which are old and magnificent.

Mexico City may sound like a dangerous place to travel around, especially with the rumours of drug dealings, gun smugglings, kidnappings and the numerous robberies and thefts. But like visiting any place in the world, common sense of keeping belongings properly and being alert can ensure that travelers have a smooth journey. It is probably not as dangerous as it sound and such rumours should not be an obstruction in seeing Mexico in its true self. The city might be polluted, and tap water unsafe to drink, but the city is filled with a complex of modern galleries, theaters, ancient ruins, monuments and churches. Mexico may not be the richest country, but their culture, history, heritage and arts scene is really rich.

Mexicans, although have difficulty in the English language, they can be very friendly and helpful. Waiters in restaurants provide good service, much better than the ones in the island of Singapore. True, the Mexican waiters are probably waiting for the customers' tips, but the store owners and shopkeepers of convenient stores thank their customers after their purchase. Although asking for directions along the roads is not advisable, travelers can ask the shopkeepers who are most willing to help with their limited English and sign languages. Mexico City is a truly wonderful place to visit, a place to experience Mexican culture and Mexican arts, a place with polite and friendly locals.



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