Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mexico 11: Mexico City 5

Displays in the metro station in Mexico City.

The Metropolitan Cathedral in Zocalo.

Beautiful music played by talented street musicians in Zocalo.

The Bella Artes near Pino Surez in Mexico City. It contains art galleries as well as a concert hall. Mexico City has 160 museums, 100 art galleries and 30 concert halls. It has the fourth highest number of theaters after New York, London and Toronto.

Frida Kahlo, wife of the famous painter Diego Rivera.

Beautiful buildings in downtown Mexico City.

One of the best sceneries in Mexico City is from the observation deck of Torre Latino Americana, the first Mexican skyscraper.

It is one the World Federation of Great Buildings.

Numerous skyscrapers can be seen in Mexico City, an earthquake-prone and probably a volcanic activity zone.

The skies can seen as being polluted. But on a clear, mountain ranges, including snow-capped mountains can be seen. Nature is just an hour's drive away from Mexico City.

This is real street food, which sadly has disappeared from the island of Singapore. Near Coyoacan.

Streets of Saville.

The beautiful park near Coyoacan
The Chapultepec Castle in Chapultepec Park, which is a massive park with museums, galleries, and even a zoo.

Grand monuments in Chapultepec Park.



Anonymous dev! said...

comparatively, Japan is much better right? Good service, no tips :) Maybe u looked like one of them(mexicans), therefore.. safe :X

6/7/07 11:03  
Anonymous balex said...

Japan indeed has better service, overall. Mexicans are quite cool, so looking like them is more positive than negative. dev, I think when u go for ur company's business trip, you also thought that place is quite safe right?

7/7/07 00:32  
Anonymous dev! said...

haha so funny. I see the hidden meaning. but no, I have yet to go for trips on behalf of my company :)

7/7/07 03:10  

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