Saturday, August 04, 2007

Japan 5: Hiroshima

Visitors to Japan who plan to visit other cities and towns outside of Tokyo, should buy the all-Japan pass which cost 28 300円 per person for a period of one week. This pass allows the traveller to ride on almost all trains and buses and ferries under the management of the JR company. At this price, this is a real bargain, as locals can only dream of. JR is the largest bus and train company and they also operate the 新幹線 or the famous bullet trains of Japan. However, it must be noted that Japan has countless number of smaller bus and train operators, so visitors should be prepared to pay extra on transport from time to time.

After a long ride on the 新幹線, the train finally arrives at 広島 Hiroshima. Visitors using the JR pass, travelling from 東京 Tokyo, should take the ひかり Hikari trains and change trains at 岡山 Okayama. The trip takes about 6 hours with the train speeds reaching more than 200km per hour.

Upon reaching 広島 station, visitors looking to stay at a budget hostel should travel to J-Hoppers. It takes about 20 minutes from there on the tram which cost 150円。

One attraction of 広島 would be the 広島城 Hiroshima castle which cost 360円. It is however a replica of the original castle as it was destroyed during the World War II. This castle houses ancient artifacts and give an introduction to the history of 広島. But photography of any kind are not allowed in the gallery. And on the top level, visitors will be able to view the city and photography is allowed. At the second level, visitors will be able to try out the uniform

The beautiful view of the Hiroshima castle.

One temple besides the Hiroshima castle.

While trying to preserve the past, Hiroshima is however still a modern industrial city.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the "temple" outside the castle is actually a Shinto shrine called 护国神社.

4/8/07 02:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr anon seems so knowledgeable

7/8/07 23:16  

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