Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gastroliterary 31: Hooters

14 January 2006

Clarke Quay was filled with the weekend crowds and that includes the relatively famous Hooters.

Hooters have alluring waitresses with exotic wear. Being the first branch to be opened in Asia, the rest of Asia has a long way to go to be as liberated as modern Singapore. The waitresses go beyond looking appealing; they sound polite as they take your order while trying to snuggle up close, hoping that you would order more. They even danced in the restaurant; one to provide entertainment, the other to maintain their hour-glass figure in order to stay employable.

After much sizzling hot ambience, the food arrives. The food was much dissimilar to the surroundings. Food was hot but not as desirable. Perharps the eyes were the only ones to feast for that day. Nope, the hands cannot get the same treatment as the eyes, for the place is 'Hooters' and not 'Hookers'.


Anonymous dev! said...

exotic or erotic wear? hiak hiak..

27/1/06 01:29  

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