Sunday, September 02, 2007

Japan 9: Iwakuni

岩国 or Iwakuni is a town situated in 山口県, Yamaguchi Prefecture, some 30 kilometres away from Hiroshima City. It is relatively a much less crowded place.

らいらい is a small eatery house just a few steps away from the train station. There was not any customer in the eatery and during the period there, only 2 other men patronised the eatery.

Beef with rice and some wonderful pumpkin for appetiser.

Pork cutlet set.


All these cost around 700円 per set. Overall, the food was considered to be of above average standards, but what make this place impressionable is the homely feel of this eatery, something which probably represents what the normal Japanese have for their dinner at home.

Some night scenes in Iwakuni.



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