Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mexico 4: Taxco

Along the way to the silver mining town of Taxco.

The beautiful town of Taxco.

This town was producing silver by the Aztecs, before the arrival of Spanish. The Spanish were wondering how did the Aztec and the local people acquired so much silver. They tried to look around the land for any silver mines until they discovered Taxco. With that, Taxco came under the Spanish rule and that the architecture of Taxco has a great influence of Spanish architecture and European flavour.

The narrow streets of Taxco.

Although this city is situated in the mountains, the heat from the sun can scorching.

This view seems to be view from a town in Southern Spain. If there is a sea view in front of the town instead of mountains, it will really look like a town by the Mediterranean Sea.

The silver products of one of the five silver companies in Taxco. Silver is a tightly controlled metal where most of it is exported. Reluctantly, the skills of the silversmiths are really not among the best. Silver, being a fixed price commodity, it will cost several thousands of pesos for a piece of the silverware.

One of the churches in Taxco.

The unique feature of this church is that the sculptures are made of wood rather than metal. It is amazing that the church builders have such skills and faith.

The amount of details is amazing, the degree of precision breathtaking.
Balcony overseeing the streets.

The Zocalo of Taxco, or the centre of the town, where the government and the town's most important buildings are located. People can be seen relaxing during the long afternoon break time, just like the Spanish in Spain.

The car license plate of Mexico, like Canada and America, are beautiful as well.



Anonymous dev! said...

did u melt in mexico?

17/6/07 16:49  
Anonymous balex said...

almost but at least not that humid.

18/6/07 00:08  

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