Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mexico 10: Mexico City 4

After Mexico's independence, the Mexicans destroyed most of the Spanish colonial buildings. Only in the Mexico City's historical centre does some of the colonial buildings survived and now left standing in the 21st century. So precious is this area, Mexico's historical centre has been declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Zocalo of Mexico City, or city centre of Mexico City, is a large and grand square, with one of the world's largest flag. This square is the site where thousands of people gathered together, and stripped, to do an artistic photo shot by a photographer. It took placed on 6th of May, the right time, but not exactly the right spot.

The Zocalo is beaming with people, shoppers, tourists. Full of life; bustling with activities.

People are allowed to gather in Mexico.

Mexicans are probably quite nationalistic.

Paseo de la Reforma is the most important road in Mexico City. It is a wide street which is flunked by banks and hotels, and also decorated with statues.

With Mexico's strict laws, very few foreign banks can be found in this country. Banamex, Scotiabank of Canada and HSBC, are the three banks sighted.



Anonymous dev! said...

why didn't u take a picture of the people on the square?

1/7/07 02:11  
Anonymous balex said...

cos I wasnt there at the right time.

3/7/07 23:21  

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